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scene queen necklaces [Jul. 10th, 2006|05:41 pm]
i've started making necklaces similar to the ones the scene queens make/wear and am selling them all for CHEAP. i'm posting a few pictures here, but also if you check out the blog on my myspace entitled "jewelry" there are pictures of several and prices!

tooth necklace - $10 - add additional teeth for $2 each.

anchor necklace - $12

p.s. don't attack me or be mean. i'm just trying to offer these cool necklaces to people who can't afford $50 ones. thanks.



From: 80eyes
2006-08-02 04:00 am (UTC)
Id love the ribcage one....
can you make personal ones?
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From: falsify
2006-08-02 04:16 am (UTC)
if you mean custom.. yes, i make custom necklaces. but i don't make ribcages anymore. those are made by RITFJ.. they're her original design.

www.myspace.com/klrjewels. :)
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From: jewelxjigsaw
2009-08-27 08:18 am (UTC)


hey, im new, lawl. but i totally support you, and i think you have real good skill.
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